Tohato Almond Caramel Corn


I rarely wander down the snack isle at grocery stores, except if I’m at the Asian market. Compared to American snack isles, Asian market’s snack isles are like rainbows and leprechauns. Sometimes you’ll find gold, other times you’ll find something fowl and nasty. I find that Asian market’s snack isles are terribly interesting and stocked with uncommon items to the American palette. You may find dried plum candies, green tea snack to dry shredded squid. Shrimp chips and shredded pork chips are some of my favorite finds.


I’m a sucker for neat packaging and design. Recently, I picked up Tohato Almond Caramel Corn because I was drawn by the cute bag.  I have no idea what the packaging says. But I can imagine the almond saying “Me and my friends taste almondy!” Just look at the front of the bag. There’s curling corn snacks inside the bag’s mouth! And look at the back, the bag and almond are smiling. I was prepared to be wowed. They taste like nutty, buttered, Corn Pops. Their texture is less popcorn and more light, doodles. They’re more delicate than Cheetos, and melt in your mouth. Above all things, they’re addictive like savory seaweed sheets; something else you’ll be able to find in your local Asian market snack isle.

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