Ward 6 and Pou-tine on the Pounds


I recently took a stop in Minnesota to visit family. One night we strolled into Ward 6 for supper. It just so happened to be the same plan as many St. Paulers.

Ward 6 is a hopping gastropub located in East side of St.Paul. It seemed like their most popular items were listed under the sandwiches and burgers. That said, many of their daily specials are winners and just as delicious. While I was famished once we were seated, I failed to take additional photos beyond the appetizer (blog fail). As for appetizers, I highly recommend the poutine. While I no longer love potatoes as I once did, I have a hard time turning down a potato in fried form. I can easily imagine getting poutine when the weather is chilly, because it’s a hearty, stick-to-your bones and hips and thighs dish. It’s the sort of dish one would eat to winterize a body. Ward 6’s poutine is what people write home about. The fries were crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. The cheese curds were soft and salty and the gravy was dotted with pieces of chopped meat. Nothing could have made this dish better. Every element was perfect.

IMG_5329 - Copy

The soup of the day was Smoked Oyster Chowder and included bright, sweet kernels of corn in a peppery, smoky soup.

While you wait and your saliva grands work overtime, glance at the one-pager on the building’s history. The hand-carved wood bar was added in 1903, while the building dates as far back as 1885. Imagine the number of stories and tales traded across those planks of wood.

Ward 6

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