Seeing New York – Through Someone Else’s Lenses

I don’t have much of a nose and much less of a bridge on which to rest a pair of glasses. I remember many times my ears would hurt lifting up the weight of the thick lenses. It was a tremendous relief for my nose, eyes, ears and daily routine when I fully recovered from LASIK eye surgery. At some point, I will probably need reading glasses, but in the meantime I will enjoy a life without glasses. Wearing fashionable glasses has crossed my mind, but the thought always quickly disappears.

This past week I fell in love with Laughing Squid’s entry featuring Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s latest work, “Seeing New York – through my Giorgio Armani lenses.” You can probably see why, right? Their work is beautiful and transports me to some place beyond my computer screen. At this time, this is the closest I will come to seeing the world through corrective lenses.

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