Godt Brød in Grünerløkka, Oslo


Smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich, is popular in Norway but isn’t practical when you’re on the go. Although most days it was a chilly 28F, we saw a lot of Norwegians go without gloves eating sandwiches around town with. They know how to eat on the run. While there are sandwich artists at several Subway stores, locals often picked up takeaway sandwiches from 7-11, Deli de Luca or Godt Brød.

While in Oslo, we stayed in Grünerløkka. Through our research we found that Grünerløkka was said to be Oslo’s Greenwich Village, but that’s not entirely true. Grünerløkka is, however, a cute neighborhood within walking distance to Oslo’s city center.

One morning before heading around Oslo, we stopped at Godt Brød. Godt Brød is a Norwegian sandwich and bakery chain dotted throughout Oslo and Bergen, Norway. They feature freshly baked bread and made-to-order sandwiches. One morning, we split 1/2 a wheat baguette with ham, lettuce red peppers, cucumbers, sprouts and pesto. A sub like this will set you back $20 USD, while a 7-11 or Deli de Luca sandwich runs about $10 USD. The wheat baguette reminded me of Jimmy John’s white sandwich bread because of the shape and soft texture. Their ham reminded me of Serrano and prosciutto because it was dry-cured, salty and thin. Overall, the sandwich was full of fresh, tasty ingredients and proved to be a great way to start the day exploring Oslo.


Godt Brød * Thorvald Meyersgate 49, 0555 Oslo, Norway * +47 23 22 90 40

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