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Some people are on the hunt for the best dive bar, cheeseburger, pizza, macaroni and cheese or steak. Some people are on the hunt for all of the above. Me? I’m looking for the best fried chicken in the city. This is an awfully high feat considering New York City has some of the best foods in the world. I’m confident this journey will yield good eats, because how often have you ever had bad friend chicken? Rarely, if ever. I love the fried chicken at Portland’s Screen Door. It need to be noted that their fried chicken arrives boneless. Now, typically meat eating fanatics will tell you the bones are what keeps the meat juicy and flavorful and shun Screen Door’s tactics on fried chicken. There’s long forum threads on if boneless fried chicken should even be considered fried chicken at all. Screen Door’s fried chicken sans bones proves the old theory wrong and and would be injustice to regard the pieces are fried chicken tenders. Screens Door’s fried chicken is tremendously juicy and flavorful. The fried batter is extremely crispy with lots of nooks and crannies, so many that if seen through the eyes of ant you’d consider it the Grand Canyon. It is delightfully peppery with a bit of a kick. The smell, flavor and texture is truly sublime. As of today, if I only had one more opportunity to have fried chicken, it would be from Screen Door. Since I am not bound by that horrendous idea, I visited Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter last weekend with my sister. Their Fried Chicken Supper for Four has been on my list of Must-Try, but it seemed odd ordering the Supper for Four when I’m missing three people. The Supper for Four consists of 12 fried chicken pieces, 3 sides to share, 4 biscuits and side salads for $48.00. The service was fantastic. They were attentive with drinks and helped clear dishes whenever our table ran out of real estate. The biscuits were good and extremely tender; however it was not substantial to serve as sandwich vessels, which I prefer. The salad was a nice touch in case patrons neglect selecting any vegetables for the choice of 3 sides. We chose the macaroni and cheese, fried okra and coleslaw. The four of us love macaroni and cheese and Bobwhite knows just how do mac and cheese. The pasta was al dente and the sauce was not soupy or broken. We placed another order of macaroni and cheese 5 minutes after we received the side. Moving onto the main event. The fried chicken was good. The chicken was juicy with good flavor. Unfortunately, the breading uneven and thin in some parts. Overall Bobwhite has pretty good fried chicken, but didn’t produce that drug-inducing charm I was seeking. I would love to hear what you think makes for amazing fried chicken? Who makes amazing fried chicken? If you say your mom, it means you’re inviting me over. 

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter

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