Tohato Almond Caramel Corn


I rarely wander down the snack isle at grocery stores, except if I’m at the Asian market. Compared to American snack isles, Asian market’s snack isles are like rainbows and leprechauns. Sometimes you’ll find gold, other times you’ll find something fowl and nasty. I find that Asian market’s snack isles are terribly interesting and stocked with uncommon items to the American palette. You may find dried plum candies, green tea snack to dry shredded squid. Shrimp chips and shredded pork chips are some of my favorite finds.

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Confession: I have a weakness for carbs

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I have a weakness for carbs. If you don’t have the same affliction (I am envious), imagine enjoying a tasting menu at one of the best restaurants in the world. Part way through dinner the server gently places two hot, flaky, buttery buns a little off-center on your table along with sweet local butter infused with duck fat. For a moment, I reasoned that the buns were buttery enough, and I don’t really need to add a pat of butter. But who am I to turn my nose at sweet local butter with duck fat. Try all you will, but it’s difficult to turn down hot buttery buns, let alone anything the pastry chef creates at Eleven Madison Park.